Hello 2013 and Thanks, StereoTruth.net, for 5 Fantastic Years!

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January 2, 2013 by: Margret

Christmas is once again behind us. Hopefully we’ve had opportunity to reflect upon and once again embrace the reality of Immanuel, Jesus coming as a baby, making His home with us, and thus beginning the fulfillment of a millennia-long wish of His Father: to reunite us once again with Him. If you have, and have decided to follow Him, you will find (as I did) that He’s all about love and the most important thing is to be responsive to Him.

In that context, let’s look at this blog. There, we read, “StereoTruth.net was started in answer to a call to bridge the gap between Christian music fans and mainstream music fans in a hope that all of us will see Him more clearly through our love for all of His music. Christianity isn’t some exclusive club where you can’t belong if you’re not on the right label, or if you choose to act on your faith in a different way than we might. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to listen, enjoy, and be fulfilled.”

Partnerships with music stations were developed early and are still going strong. Top artists and managers jumped on board early and often, including Sanctus Real, Everyday Sunday, Paul Wright, DecembeRadio, Newworldson, Chris Sligh, Jennifer Knapp, Brian Head Welch, Chris Tomlin, Newsboys, Tenth Avenue North, Addison Road, and many others.

We reported on news in the music industry, sorrowed with the loss of those who died too young (Randy Miller, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, to name a few), partnered with important ministries (kj-52, To Write Love on Her Arms), rejoiced with changes in relationship and ministry, and always, always pointed everyone back to the Lover of our souls.

At one point Rodney wrote, “As Disciples of Christ, we are called to live in the world He gave us. Sometimes, that means embracing the mainstream, sometimes it means being ‘different’.” In the five years StereoTruth.net has been in existence, we have expanded the world of music for those who didn’t realize lovers of all types of music can also be lovers of the Lord. We’ve also shown those who don’t know Him that there’s no such thing as a cookie cutter Christian. Instead, as we all lead from a heart of love, we reflect and refract God’s perfect love in a way that shines into the darkness with mercy and grace.

As we continue to listen for His heart, and allow Him to direct our steps, we learn there are seasons for everything, also that some last longer than others. Such is the case with StereoTruth.net. Going with the flow of guidance given, creators Rodney Miller & Scott Dahlstrom feel they need to focus their energies on their families & real jobs. Rodney is the Morning Show Producer for Salem Broadcasting in Los Angeles, while Scott is the webmaster & IT Director at Immaculate Heart Radio, so as of today we will be shutting down this site. But you’re not without music news and/or information. Check out other Salem Radio stations across the country as well as the WAY-FM Radio Network for other uplifting, love-centered music news.

What will I be doing? Glad you asked! I will always share the love of the One I follow, doing so in three primary fashions: (1) Capturing the beauty of flowers, landscapes, and seashores through photography as I’ve done for three-plus decades; (2) expanding my four-years-and-counting love of artistic expression through jewelry design; and (3) sharing my lifelong passion for the printed word through stories and vignettes offered on my blog Aslan’s Fire: All About Love. Eventually, all my earlier pieces as well as the 3 1/4 years of weekly posts for StereoTruth.net will find their way there. For now, I have one, titled “On Becoming” which found its start in a poem I wrote 1993.

We’re all very grateful that you continue in prayer for us, as we do what we’ve been asked to do, joyfully and with amazement because the Creator of the Universe has blessed us with gifts to use in His service.

All of Heaven’s best to you and yours,

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