Christmas Series: What Really Happened?

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December 24, 2012 by: Margret

As we continue looking at Christmas and all it means, the most logical thing to do is consider what happened…and why. So on this Christmas Eve 2012 let’s do just that.

It all started a long, long time ago, when the first (the only) perfect created man opted to follow his wife rather than what God told him to do, thus losing his perfection. When Adam and Eve left the garden of Eden, they were promised that eventually someone would come who would right the wrong they’d done, and make it possible for people to once again fellowship with God.

Centuries later, God found a friend in Abraham and promised him that through his descendants this one would come. Forty-two generations after that promise, Jesus was born. His mother’s name was Mary and his stepfather’s name was Joseph. After he was born, Mary and Joseph had several more children and, together, they grew up learning about a God who was exacting but also loved them very much.

As Jesus grew, it became evident He was different from His siblings. I often wonder how much time He spent with his cousin, John, also a miracle baby and the one who would publicly announce His arrival to those who were, generation after generation, looking for their Messiah. Eventually He gives His perfect life for any who will accept it, then rises from the grave having conquered death and the grave. But that’s a story best told in spring, closer to when it actually happened.

Just so you know, the timing of this can be proven because He was prophesied to die as the Passover Lamb, and that’s when He went to the cross. In the context of Christmas, that makes me wonder. I’m sure God would love that we celebrate the birth of His Son. What parent wouldn’t appreciate that? That said, the importance of what He did is His ministry, His death, and His resurrection, and that’s why those times of the year can be catalogued and proven.

Celebrating the birth of the Promise Came True, I pray all of Heaven’s best to you and yours.


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