Interview: Christian Side Hug Creator/Rapper

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December 3, 2009 by: Rodney

christiansidehugryan2Last weekend I shared with you that my cousin Ryan had written and performed a new song called “Christian Side Hug.” Today, I want to share with you my exclusive interview with him about this crazy song that’s now received well over 500,000 views on YouTube, where it came from will there be a follow-up song coming out soon. What is the real story behind your now world famous “Christian Side Hug” video?

Ryan: A couple of us would go to our friends house after our youth group on wendsday night and have dinner and watch TV, and my friends wife came out of the kitchen so i went to welcome her with a hug, but she had a big bowl of salad in her hands. so i “turned to the side to pat her on the back” and this spontaneous rap came out of me, ” gimme dat christian side hug …” and from there it caught on as a inside joke about the religious “christian side hug”. we sang it to eachother as a joke for like a week untill it caught on to some of our youth. it became such a “hit” around the church we decided to take the mockery of the side hug to the next level. so two of my friends (who are also rapping in the video) and i made it into a full song where we performed it at our anual summer camp. the kids went crazy for it, so decied to do it again at our EG confrence in 2009 where it was filmed and later put on youtube. When did you first record the song?

Ryan: 2009 sometime. What parts of the song did you write?

Ryan: I wrote half the chorus ” gimme dat christian side hug …” and the first verse that I rap on in the video. What kind of positive or negative reaction have you receive?

Haha almost all negative. we posted the song almost a year ago and all of the sudden it blew up. We all find it sad that the public doest believe a church can be fun and use self-deprecating humor. We also find it extremely funny to read all the rumors about us being a “real rap group traveling to promote purity at churches”, which is not true at all, and would be completely obvious if people would stop getting their info from other peoples opinions and come to the source. I’m glad I’ve got family connections to get the real story. Besides us who else have you interviewed with in the last month?

Ryan: Earlier this week I talked to The Chicago Tribune about this song. Crazy!!! Do you plan on recording a new song called “Christian Wave”? You know the courtesy wave that someone gives you at Church. It usually takes place when they’ve talked to you at least once over the last year and feel compelled to say “Hi” even though they don’t really know you.

Haha no but i think we should!

Thanks for clearing things up for us Ryan. Now, get to work on coming up with another great song for us to laugh too. Did you get the joke in this video? Can Christians have a sense of humor today? Let us know your thoughts on this interview with Ryan in the comment box below.


11 Responses to “Interview: Christian Side Hug Creator/Rapper”
  1. Heather E says:

    Yeah Ryan! I am part of this youth group and friends with Ryan, and the rest of the “EG Rappers” Hahah! Thanks for this interview~ Its’ about time someone had something good to say about this! :)

  2. Red Seven says:

    I’m glad this was a joke. When I first saw the video, I hoped it was a joke – and it seemed so outlandish that I was never completely able to believe that it was real. I’m happy to have been correct. I will worry less today about the future of the nation!

  3. DQ says:

    “Haha almost all negative” Nah, everyone I know has had to admit it’s catchy as h… err, very catchy!

  4. Amantis says:

    The saddest thing of all is these days its often very hard to tell the difference between a christian parody and the real thing. Some of them are just so outlandish.

  5. Tina says:

    Haha my reaction was only negative because I thought it was real! So we were laughing at the song.. but it turns out we were laughing WITH you all along. :) Sorry! ;)

  6. 325r says:

    Sadly, there are fundamentalist religitards who will take this seriously. And much like the rest of religion does, this too will sway some gullible morons. Quite frankly this isn’t hard to take seriously, judging by how idiotic religious people have proven to be in the past about things like evolution.

  7. satan says:

    your song sucks how you tring to be a ruff rider when that refers to condoms if you have done some research about what ruff rider means then you will understand how this means to have sex with a girl with out a condom then……….how you talking about side hugs and comas???

    this song was written by a white dude with no talent…… for sure

  8. Guzz says:

    You might want to spread the word that it all was a joke. Because a lot of people took that video seriously, and it did really make Christians look dumb. I’m a Christian myself, but I must say it did offend me. All the lyrics were just horrible. I do understand that it was made just for you and your church who were feelin it at the time and it was all for fun. Us as Christians have to watch what we say and do because were constantly scrutinized by unbelievers and whoever observes us. i know, i know u were just having a goof with urselfs, but u really got to watch what u say and do especially in the music business. But on some real talk, keep spreading the real message and keep Love in ur hearts. One God.

  9. Christian side hugger says:

    My friends and I thought it was hilarious and its so catchy! too catchy… I think its perfectly fine that you guys decided to do this. I’ve been going to a Christian school my whole education and everyone I know thinks its hilarious! We aren’t offended, we got the joke right away. But we were sceptical as to whether it was a serious band… As soon as you said, “So rise up off me like the shortbread with no yeast.” I knew no serious christian band preaching the word would say that so good luck mate. You’re awesome!

  10. Dave4212 says:

    Well I’m glad to hear that this was a joke. Whether or not it was intended as self-deprecating humor or a parody against the real act of the ‘Christian Side Hug’ you still hurt the religion and it’s teachings.
    You should wake up and publish the fact that it is a joke as I thought you were for real as most other sites do. I had to research and hang onto hope that you weren’t for real. Take your faith seriously dude.

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