Awake Tonight Tour Spring 2010

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December 19, 2009 by: Rodney

awaketonighttour2010I can’t believe my eyes….it’s like I just opened the best Christmas present ever. Skillet and tobyMac are going to be out on tour together in the Spring of 2010. Now, you too can’t believe what your eyes are reading, but your brain is screaming with excitement! Skillet & tobyMac have just announced the “Awake Tonight Tour.” Here is the partial list of cities that this amazing tour will hit in March and April…

Valporaso, IN
Dekalb, IL
Wausau, WI
St. Cloud, MN
Asheville, NC
Evansville, IN
Pikeville, KY
Murray, KY
Lancaster, PA
Charleston, WV
Baltimore, MD
Johnstown, PA
Toledo, OH
Tallahassee, FL
Ft. Myers, FL
West Palm Beach, FL
Auburn, Al
Tyler, TX
Jackson, MS
Ft. Smith, AR
Norfolk, VA
Lynchburg, VA

Again, if your city is not on the list don’t worry they’ll be announcing more dates after the first of the year. If your city is on the list let us know in the comment box below if you’ll be ging to the show and who you’re more excited to see live!

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31 Responses to “Awake Tonight Tour Spring 2010”
  1. James Franks says:

    This show NEEDS to come to Omaha, Nebraska. I have seen both live, and would be totally excited to see either!

  2. Tammy Kwiatkowski says:

    Finally some big names coming to Toledo!

  3. Cinthya Guzman says:

    They ABSOLUTELY must must must come to AZ!! We need them back here!! I would totally go to it, and I know so many would too!!

  4. Jeff Wordeman says:

    I really hope they come to the Colorado/Wyoming area!!! This will be the concert of all concerts.

  5. Annie says:

    Yaaaay!!! I am sooooo happy that these awesome artists are coming to Tyler!! Especially TobyMac! I’ve always wanted to see them live!!!

  6. Judy says:

    Is the tour coming anywhere near New York? If not, I will try to make either one of the Lancaster, PA or the Baltimore, MD shows. Went to the Winter Wonderslam show in NYC…It was awesome!

  7. J says:

    i am from Johnstown, PA, which is a very small town compared to where i currently live in Phoenix. I can’t believe that skillet’s going to my hometown and not where i live! so ironic!
    please come to phoenix, skillet and tobymac! it’s awesome that you’re going to jtown, but please come here!!

  8. Littlesis says:

    Come on Skillet and TobyMac….come to Jacksonville,FL!!!
    You can’t get a better tour than this.

  9. Abby says:

    Plz come to Little Rock Arkansas!! I am soo excited about this tour! ANd can’t wait!!!

  10. sydney says:

    What are the dates for these cities? I am very excited that you are coming to Dekalb, IL

  11. Tim Muniz says:

    skillet and toby need to come to Paradise California

  12. Mike Scott says:

    I WILL be going to the show in Auburn, Al. I live in Atlanta so I figure thats the best chance I have to see the show live. If the tour does come to the A then I will go to both!!

  13. Victoria and Marshall says:

    We are going to try going to one of the florida concerts

  14. Victoria and Marshall says:

    plz come to JAX FL!!!!

  15. RD U says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with James Frank… Omaha, NE would be amazing! From what I can see, they so far haven’t announced any tour dates or places in the 5 states nearest to me. :p

  16. Sierruhhh (: says:

    Okay, I just got into the whole Christian thing and Skillet is one of my favorite bands.
    So, you NEED to come to Atlanta (:

  17. jessica says:

    I’m soooo excited for the best concert ever! The tour has to come to phoenix, az we are so loud and we love both bands! I hope that skillet and toby can come.

  18. Sam says:

    Toby Mac is AWESOME and NEEDS to come to atlantic Canada! Everything’s always in the states, us Canadians LOVE Tobymac and Skillet too!!!!!!

  19. Tori says:

    I’m so x-cited!!!!! when is it exacty, any one know? im from west palm beach, i ddn’t think they would come to such a smal town! i love toby mac and skillet, and if family force 5 and relient k came, it would be the best concert ever!

  20. Alyssa says:

    WHERE IS KANSAS CITY ON THAT LIST!!!!!!!!! You cannot tell me that Toby Mac and Skillet will be performing TOGETHER and not coming anywhere near Kansas….. That would be a heartbreaker…..

  21. Alyssa says:

    And I agree with Tori

  22. Darlene says:

    The west palm beach show is on march 27 at the Cruzan Amp. Just confirmed yesterday that House of Heroes is going to be on the tour also.

  23. Aaron says:

    YES!!! Two of my all time favorite artists I have seen each about 3 times and they both need to come! Ill go anywhere in north florida to see them.

  24. Diego O. Veloz says:

    it will be a blessing for them to come to the lowest part of texas. My dream came true but its way to far from my place…

  25. Christina says:

    I agree! You should totally come to Omaha!!! Would Love to go!

  26. Travis Greenwald says:

    So when are they gonna announce the rest of the dates? cuz all the websites iv looked at for this tour dont even hav fort smith arkansas as a destination….so is it for sure gonna b part of the tour or not?

  27. Travis Greenwald says:

    haha although i hav to agree with abby, because little rock would b so much better lol

  28. Luke says:

    They just have to come to mobile al if not i will try jacksonville ms

  29. Kierstin says:

    SERIOUSLY?! nothing in the Omaha/Lincoln area?? ='[ ……that sucks

  30. thebigv75 says:

    Are they coming to Omaha Ne. or Iowa or anywhere in that area?

  31. Lauren says:

    i am trying to find the tour shirt because i did not get the chance to buy it at the show. is there anyway to find it now??

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