CD Review: TFK – Welcome To The Masquerade

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September 8, 2009 by: Darlene

thousand-foot-krutch-album-picI had the awesome opportunity to review the new project from Thousand Foot Krutch “Welcome To The Masquerade” over the weekend. It’s in stores today so if you haven’t picked up your copy yet then hopefully my review of it will get you to pick it up.

I have to first say I’m an old school Thousand Foot Krutch fan and this new project brings back memories of when I heard them for the first time, but at the same time it brings a new element to their music. I feel that anyone can get inspiration from their music. Whatever you might be going through there is a song on here for you to listen to and get encouragement from.

Every time I’ve listened to it I find something new that I didn’t hear before. One of my favorite songs is track #6 “Watching Over Me.” It just talks about how we have people that watch out for us and look out for us. It could be best friends or maybe family members. Another song that I take comfort from is the last track “Already Home.”

I also wanted to share with you a letter that Trevor sent out with this advance copy. I think it really shows his heart and purpose behind every song on this new project.

Picture a grand and inviting ballroom, the room is packed with people all wearing a mask. Everyone is dancing and mingling like you would picture at an old 1920 ball. Then imagine the room being shaken by large, crunchy, adrenaline rock sounds as the chandeliers swing. At this ball, we all have 2 things in common. We are not perfect, and we all have things weʼre hiding. The masks represent the typecast of not being able to admit our flaws or be open about our struggles. We are always wanting to hide the things that might make someone think we’re not “doing well” or “ok.”

Each song on our new record relates to something different that we hide behind our masks. Theyʼre songs of hope for the broken and the broken hearted. Iʼve never been more excited while making a record, we wanted to take things to the next level and push the limits of where weʼd been before. This is our most aggressive record to date, itʼs pedal to the metal.

There are songs that deal with some hard topics inspired by letters and emails weʼve received over the last year. On “Outta Control” the topic of child abuse is addressed. It is written from the point of view of a child hiding in his/her bedroom. Suicide and hopelessness is the topic on “Look Away,” an anthem for the broken and anyone feeling like they’ve been told to sweep their feelings/pain under the rug. Other songs are about setting our differences aside and focusing on the big picture (“Forward Motion”), crying out for revitalization (“Bring Me To Life”). I hope you enjoy the album and that these songs inspire courage and hope to those who need it.

The new record is BIG, over the top, adrenaline rock, and crunchy anthems. Some if itʼs going back to some of TFKʼs older roots with more percussive vocals, but itʼs been a refreshing step forward overall.

Lights out. Welcome To The Masquerade.

Trevor McNevan, Thousand Foot Krutch

Track Listing:
1. The Invitation
2. Welcome To The Masquerade
3. Fire It Up
4. Bring Me To Life
5. E For Extinction
6. Watching Over Me
7. The Part That Hurts The Most (Is Me)
8. Scream
9. Look Away
10. Forward Motion
11. Outta Control
12. Smack Down
13. Already Home

I’m so thankful for music and the connections it can make with people.  Thanks for reading my review of TFK’s new project. If you want to share your thoughts on this new project then post them in the comment box below.

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