The Nest Summer Concert Series With Mat Kearney

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July 30, 2009 by: Rodney

Mat_Kearney_the_nestpicThis summer, is giving music fans a chance to see their favorite artists through their Nest Summer Concert Series contest. They have already given away tickets to concert tour stops for Beyoncé, Tony Bennett and other artists.

Every Tuesday morning they announce a new artist and at that time you have a chance to enter and win tickets to one of their concerts near you. To our surprise we’ve just found out that Mat Kearney is this week’s featured artist.

Before you enter please read all of The Nest’s official rules for their summer concert series ticket giveaway. Now that you’ve read their rules here’s what you need to do. To win the tickets just send an email and in the subject line, type “Mat Kearney” followed by the date and the city of the tour stop you’re entering for. It’s important to remember you’ll need to include your Nestie name in the email. See once again nothing is FREE so you’ll be getting their monthly newsletter, but hey it’s a chance to see Mat Kearney live and for that we think it’s worth it.

Again, If you do not include the artist, date, and city in the subject line along with your Nestie name in the body of your email, you will not be entered.

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