Daughtry To Drop New Project July 14th

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May 5, 2009 by: Rodney

sgd_and_daughtry-1In March we told you that Daughtry wrote a new song for Lifehouse’s new project. Well, we just found out from rollingstone.com that Chad Kroger from Nickleback wrote a song for Daughtry’s new project that will drop his still-untitled second project on July 14th. I’m so excited to see what musical journey he will take us on this time.

But, before you can get your hands on the new project you will be able to get your ears on the first single. Daughtry will return to the stage that made him a star to debut their new single “No Surprise” during American Idol’s Rock Week. Daughtry said…

American Idol fans have been so loyal to this band, we wanted to give them the first listen to our new single.

“No Surprise” was co-written by Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger. The band recorded this follow-up project to their massively successful self-titled debut project in LA. Daughtry’s Twitter page also declared who he thinks will win this years AI crown…

I think Kris Allen is the SHIZNIT-O-BAM!!!

His Twitter page also features daily love Tweets to his wife, @MrsDaughtry. Here’s all the official news from Daughtry and the band.

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