Video Wednesday: Chris Sligh “Arise”

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March 18, 2009 by: Rodney

chrissligh2We’ve been sharing the exciting news about how our good friend Chris Sligh helped write Rascal Flatts current hit, “Here Comes Goodbye”. Before Chris ever sat down to pen this amazing song he too took his music to the biggest stage in the musical world….”This is American Idol“.

Before we get to the music video for “Arise” which is my favorite track on his “Running Back To You” project. This was Chris at his first American Idol audition, but who knew then what we know now…

Here’s what a day in the life of Chris is like now. Here’s some behind the scenes footage for his song “Arise”. There’s even more news on Chris tour after you watch this video.’

Chris recently announced that he will return for the second round of his “Back to School” tour. This time the tour has a new name, “The Stimulus Package,” and here’s Chris’ explaination…

I am proud to announce that this year the ‘Back To School’ tour will feature Aaron Shust, myself, new artist Rough Draft and a special to-be-announced opening guest! This year we’ve taken the spirit of what we did last year a step further. Our goal is to have most of these shows once again directly sponsored by radio stations in order to say ‘thank you’ for the love they have shown Aaron and me in both our careers.

The tour is an “optional donation” tour in which they will ask for $10 at the door but will open the doors to individuals and families to “give what and if you can.” A special opportunity will be offered for fans to have an exclusive meet-and-greet and acoustic show with Sligh and Shust before each concert. One hundred to 150 tickets will be available at each show in the range of $25-30.

The ticket will also allow fans to find the best possible seats before doors open. The tour will also give away t-shirts to the first 500 people to attend each concert, and a CD of their choice from Aaron or Chris. Oh that’s a tough choice America if you could only pick one CD who’s would you pick? Post your answer as a comment below and we’ll get the official results over to Ryan Seacrest to make the official announcement.

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