Breaking: Tragedy Hits Story Side: B

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January 19, 2009 by: Rodney

storysidebronOur good friends Story Side: B were on a Christian Music Cruise over the last week. Well, yesterday their bass player Ron McClelland was playing a game of pick-up basketball on the last day of the cruise. Unexpectedly, he collapsed on the court and after an hour of work by the medical staff he did not recover. Ron was only 33 years old and is survived by his wife Rebecca. Here’s an official statement from Story Side B:…

Im sure a lot of you have many questions regarding to what it says about Ron on our myspace. Yesterday January 18 Ron passed away. He was on a cruise with his wife Rebecca and 88.1 The Promise out of Jacksonville FL. He was playing basketball and suddenly collapsed, and they were unable to revive him. We are all shocked and deeply saddened of our brothers passing. Please keep his family and wife Rebecca in your prayers. We will be setting up a donation fund to help offset the cost of the funeral and to help support Ron’s family.

God Bless
StorySide : B

You may or may not even know Ron, Story Side: B or any of his family mebers, but if you’re a praying person please post your prayers for all of them. We will pass this link onto his management so the band and his family can see an outpouring of love during this difficult time.

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8 Responses to “Breaking: Tragedy Hits Story Side: B”
  1. Carol Pardikes says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Ron from Storyside:B ! I am praying for his wife and family and the band who is also family. May God comfort and be near in this time of tragedy.

  2. Bill Rieger says:

    I am sorry to hear the news … I am a big fan of the promise and I will be praying that God uses this time to further His kingdom. I will alos be praying for his family and friends who were close to him. God Bless

  3. Jessica Hinds says:

    I was shocked when I heard the news…I just lost a close friend of mine last Wednesday, so it’s been a tough week…but God will get us through this and make everyone involved stronger in the end. I will be praying for God to comfort Ron’s friends and family through this hard time! It won’t be the same not hearing Ron’s happy voice on 88.1 in the mornings on the way to work! Keep your heads up though, because God is going to somehow turn this sad tragedy around for His glory! I believe that with all of my heart! Be blessed and keep pressing forward with God’s help..

  4. Wendy Ripley says:

    I have been listening to the Promise for years. I went to the Winter Slam and saw Story Side B and met the members of the band with my 2 children in the year of 2007. I was really impressed with their music and their Heart for God. It was great to hear Ron’s voice in the morning on the Promise. I could feel his heart and enthusiasm for the Promise Ministry. I know that he was very excited to be able to go on the cruise with the staff and listeners. I remember that before the holidays he was hoping that he would be able to go on the cruise.

    I pray for his family and anyone that was touched by him. My heart goes out to you and the loss of an anointed man of God. He left a legacy. Let us remember that he is in the presence of the Lord and playing and singing with the angels.

    God Bless!

  5. Steve and Doreen Aery says:

    We are praying for his wife, family and the band; that God may bring His comfort to all for this tragic loss.

    God bless you guys.

  6. Joseph French says:

    I just would like to say what a tragedy, and I pray for all of you and his family. It is never a good thing for someone so young to be taken from us all, but at least he has God to comfort him now. He will be in my thoughts and prayer. God Bless you all.

  7. Tameka Morales says:

    I had heard many songs from this band in the past but never knew the name of the band that played it until recently I heard a song from them that really touched me, “Be Still.” Then I looked it up to see who it was by. I furthermore went onto their website to learn more about the band. I am sorry to hear about this tragic loss. I will pray that in the midst of this tragedy God will pour down his comfort on the family, friends, and loved ones of this fine band member, Ron! God Bless you all!

  8. Thanks for posting this, It’s just what I was looking for on bing. I’d much rather hear opinions from an individual, rather than a corporate site, that’s why I like blogs so much. Thanks!

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