Your Chance To Interview The Jonas Brothers

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August 7, 2008 by: Rodney

This time around’s “Ask A Rock Star” segment will feature the Jonas Brothers. They would like you their fans to submit questions to Nick, Kevin and Joe. If I knew how to operate a camera I would ask them why they wear wedding rings? Also, did Nick Jonas sing the Christmas song “Joy To The World (A Christmas Prayer)?

Send them a YouTube video of yourself asking a question to the band, and the best of the lot will run in a special video Q&A with Kevin, Joe and Nick next week. Grab that webcam because the entries are due by 3pm (ET)/ 12pm (PT) tomorrow. Yes, that’s tomorrow so quickly grab your camera and read the rest of these official rules before you say “action”.

To submit your video question, you can either:

  • Join their YouTube group and upload your video to the group, or
  • Upload your video to any other video-hosting site like YouTube, Myspace or Vimeo and email the URL of your uploaded video to:
  • Please: NO ATTACHMENTS! They will not accept video files. reserves the right to edit videos for length and/or clarity. Be creative! Be challenging! And have fun with it!

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