Mainstream Spotlight: Underoath

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August 4, 2008 by: Rodney

We’ve covered Underoath a lot here on, but one thing we haven’t done until today is share with you their music and ministry. My goal today with this mainstream spotlight on Underoath is to take you back to the musical beginnings in Florida, share their heart for God and where they’re going to take their music & ministry in the near future.

As the final notes ring out on Underoath’s new project “Lost In The Sound Of Seperation”, it’s evident that the six men of Tampa, FL-based Underoath–who’ve built their career on being both heavy and experimental–have delivered their most ambitious and accomplished project to date.

But, that’s what’s happening on September 2nd, 2008 when “Lost In The Sound Of Seperation” hits store shelves. But, I want to take you back 10 years to the very beginning so when this new project does drop you’ll know more about them, their music and their passion for Christ through it all.

In 1998, Underoath formed with Dallas Taylor and guitarist Luke Morton in Taylor’s bedroom in Tampa, Florida. Their name comes from a passage somewhere in the Bible, but they can’t remember where. Drummer Aaron Gillespie, who attended Morton’s church, was asked to play with them. Gillespie agreed, and the group recruited guitarist Corey Steger and bassist Octavio Fernandez; the band members were all in high school.

After a year of playing at festivals and touring the area around Florida, Underoath signed to Takehold Records in 1999. At the same time Luke Morton decided to leave the band without appearing on any of their formal recordings. In 2000, keyboardist Christopher Dudley joined Underoath,and the five-song, forty-minutes long record, “Cries Of The Past” was released, selling 3,000 copies. After the release guitarist Simon Steger, along with Dallas Taylor who are credited for the band principle sound also left Underoath.

In 2001, Takehold Records was bought out by Seattle’s Tooth & Nail Records and Underoath was subsequently signed to the label’s heavier subsidiary, Solid State Records. In January 2002, bassist Grant Brandell joined Underoath.The band then began working on their Solid State debut, “The Changing of Times”. After taking the end of 2003 off from touring to begin working on an album, the band scheduled time in February 2004 to begin recording. During the early months of 2004, Underoath returned to the studio with Chamberlain as lead vocalist and producer James Wisner. They’re “Only Chasing Safety” was released on June 15, 2004 and proved to be a more commercial success for the band, going on to sell 487,000 copies.

In the Spring of 2005, Underoath participated in the inaugural Taste of Chaos tour, and shortly after, embarked on their first headlining tour. That same year they made their first cover of Alternative Press magazine and re-released “They’re Only Chasing Safety” in a two-disc set with three formerly unreleased songs. In January 2006, Underoath entered the studio to record their fifth project, “Define the Great Line” named so because you just have to find that line and that way to live your life.

“Define the Great Line” sold 98,000 copies in its first week and debuted on the Billboard 200 Chart at #2,the highest debut for a Christian album since 1997.The project also debuted at #1 on the Christian, Christian/Gospel, and Rock charts and, for its first four weeks on the chart stayed in the top 50. It was finally certified Gold by the RIAA on November 11th, 2006, representing 500,000 shipped units of the album. It is the second album in Tooth & Nail Record’s history to reach that distinction (The first being Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo by MxPx in 2000).

During their 2007 fall tour, they confirmed various times that their new record would be out in the summer of 2008. It was later confirmed that it would be released on September 2nd, 2008. Recording for “Lost In The Sound Of Seperation” began in March of this year and ended in April. Perhaps most notable of all the lyrics on this project are the ones on the track “Desolate Earth: The End Is Near”

…You said there was nothing left down here
Well I roamed around the wasteland
And I swear I found something
I found hope, I found God
I found the dreams of the believers
….Oh God, Save Us All

Underoath may have a diverse musical display coupled with the input of six opinionated souls, but with the completion of this new project they will put their music into the hands of hard core music fans who may just come to know the Lord through it. Aaron Gillespi had this to say about the new project…

It’s really cool that people accept it and I don’t know why because this is just as therapeutic as it is for us as it is for anybody else, I hope they find healing and some way in life and truth. I hope that for this or any record that I’m ever a part of.

They’re currently on the Mayhem Rockstar Tour through the middle of August, Then on September 1st they’ll leave America for 5 weeks traveling the world as headliners on their own tour. They’ll visit countries like London, Berlin, Durban South Africa, Melborn, and Australia just to name a few. Let’s keep these guys and their road crew in prayer during this very busy yet fruitful time in thier lives. Ask God to keep them safe during all of the travel and let His love keep them healthy.


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  1. Jayne says:

    “They’ll visit countries like London, Berlin, Durban South Africa, Melborn, and Australia just to name a few”

    London, Berlin, Durban and Melbourne aren’t countries and it’s Melbourne, Australia.

    Fortunately that was the last paragraph, the rest of the article was very insightful..

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