American Idol Audition Numbers Are Down

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August 9, 2008 by: Rodney

Earlier this week one of the original producers of American Idol Nigel Lythgoe stepped down from his post at A.I. for Season 8. Now, there is more bad news coming from the audition in San Juan Puerto Rico last Saturday. is reporting that only 300 people showed up to audition at Saturday’s cattle call. How did this year’s overall audition numbers stack up to last year’s?

As it turns out, numbers for Season 8 auditions are down across the board from Season 7. FOX affiliates around the country, are seeing good numbers at local auditions, but I don’t know how many of them are even moving on.

Is Idol fatigue finally setting in? Or are there to many other talent shows (America’s Got Talent, Nashville Star and so on) that the talent pool is getting smaller?

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