Exclusive interview with Brandon Heath “What If We”

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July 28, 2008 by: Rodney

Thanks to our good friend Matt at Provident Records we got a chance to catch up with Brandon Heath and talk about his new project “What If We”, how Garth Brooks impacted his music and if he beat Aaron Shust during a recent bowling match. Brandon Heath likes the little moments. Those opportunities to observe, process and act upon what he witnesses in the world surrounding him are the primary traits of a great songwriter, something Heath continues to showcase on his second Reunion Records release, “What If We” that hits stores August 19th. In fact the first single “Give Me Your Eyes” is climbing the radio charts as I type.

ST.net – Where are you and what are you doing today?

Brandon – Well I just got off a plane in Nashville from South Dakota playing a festival in Rapid City. This is my first time home in months. And it also happens to be my last day as a twenty something.

ST.net – If you could go to any other artists show, Christian or mainstream, who would it be and why?

Brandon – Funny you should ask, I’ve been wanting to check out Toby Mac’s show for years. Ive heard he’s the best entertainer there is in Christian music and last night, I got to see for myself what a great showman he is, but even more what a witness he is both on and off stage. And boy can he dance!

ST.net – What one artist has had the biggest impact on you and why?

Brandon – As hard as it is to pick one, I would have to say Garth Brooks. He was really the first artist that I ever really noticed. I didn’t even like Country music, and I’m from Nashville! There’s just something inspiring about him and it’s something that millions agree with me on. We just want to jump on board with him and be captured by great music and a good time.

ST.net – I knew from the very first listen that “Give Me Your Eyes” was going to be a great song, but did you have any idea that it would have such a HUGE impact after only 7 weeks of airplay?

Brandon – I hoped. I hoped that it would make an impact because it’s such an important message. That’s always the challenge… I know what I want to say, it’s just how to say it and appeal to a lot of people. We enveloped this song in a great hook and an undeniable pop sound. Gotta give Dan Muckala a lot of credit for that.

ST.net – We know that the “What If We” project will drop Aug. 19th will this new project have more of a rhythmic flavor than a pop/worship flavor from your previous project “Don’t Get Comfortable”?

Brandon – Yes!

ST.net – When you were on tour last year with Bebo Norman & Aaron Shust we found this photo of you in a bowling match with Aaron. Who ended up winning?

Brandon – I think I won if I remember correctly, but if you ask Aaron, I’m sure he would say he won. We are extremely competitive people, can you tell? He’s better than me though! He looks like an Italian spy.

ST.net – Will there be a rematch any time soon?

Brandon – Bring it on Shusty, I’m takin’ you down!

ST.net – What’s the one thing you “Must Have” on the road?

Brandon – My own pillow. It’s downy and fluffy and dreamy.

ST.net – Any tours coming up we should tell people about?

Brandon – Yes, definitely. I’m hitting the road with some of my songwriting heroes this fall. Sara Groves, Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, and Charlie Peacock. It’s a tour sponsored by IJM (International Justice Mission) and Food for the Hungry. The message of the night is to raise awareness of slavery around the world and the fact that we can make a difference by simply refusing to allow it to exist any longer. It’s going to be a special night. We all have a heart for this cause and couldn’t be more passionate about community and music.

ST.net – Have you ever Googled yourself?

Brandon – Yes. Who hasn’t? Haven’t you? I have an alter ego turns out. His name is Heath Brandon and he lives in New York City. I’m also a pro basketball player apparently.

ST.net – Have you ever checked out your Wikipedia page and if so did you find any errors in their facts?

Brandon – Yeah, I’ve checked it out and it all seems to be in working order. That doesn’t give you permission to go and make something up you know… :)

ST.net – Do you drink Redbull or Monster?

Brandon – Redbull

ST.net – Do you roll in a bus or van?

Brandon – Bus

ST.net – Are you a cat or dog person?

Brandon – Dog

ST.net – Do you use myspace or facebook more?

Brandon – Facebook

ST.net – Do you prefer a Sonic burger or an In -n- Out Burger?

Brandon – In n Out

ST.net – Would you rather eat at Cracker Barrel or Denny’s?

Brandon – Cracker Barrel

ST.net – Is it the Journey or the Destination?

Brandon – Journey

Thanks for your time Brandon and we can’t wait to hear the whole “What If We” project on Aug 19th.

Thanks Rodney! B

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