Exclsuive Interview with Superchick “Rock What You Got”

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July 31, 2008 by: Rodney

Superchick is living up to its name. Their first four projects have sold a combined 700,000 plus copies, their music is featured in more than 70 film, television and videogame song placements, and they have five #1 singles. But, for a band inspired to empower its listeners, its new project does more than walk the talk … it rocks the talk! We got a chance to catch up with bass player Matt Dally…

to learn more about the new project, why they like Peter Gabriel and who will be on tour with them this Fall.

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Matt Dally the bass player

ST.net: Congratulations on all the success of your new project “Rock What You Got”. When you wrapped up recording in the studio did you have any idea it would be received so well?

Matt: You never really know what people are going to think, but we definitely knew this album would be special.

ST.net: Max has produced projects for Tobymac & the Newsboys, but I can’t recall if he’s produced your other Superchick projects?

Matt: Well, Max has been with Superchick since day one…yes he’s produced on all of our albums. We all keep him busy. J

ST.net: Will we be hearing any of your new songs on mainstream radio soon?

Matt: You never know!

I did see your i-tunes playlist the other day where I was surprised to see Dave pick Peter Gabriel “Washing Of The Water” as a favorite. I saw him live when I was a teenager and became a fan when he sang the heck out of “Shock The Monkey”. Is Dave speaking for the whole band here or is he on his own with Peter?

Matt: Who doesn’t like Peter Gabriel? We all think he is pretty amazing.

ST.net: Will there be a tour later this year in support of the new project?

Matt: For sure! We are starting the Rock What You Got tour in September. We are inviting Stellar Kart, Article One and Starlit Platoon out on the road with us. It’s going to be the biggest Superchick tour yet!

ST.net: If you could have any artist on tour with you who would it be?

Matt: Picasso, definitely! J But I wouldn’t mind having Bob Dylan out with us either.

ST.net: If you could go to any other artists show, Christian or mainstream, who would it be and why?

Matt: I’d love to see Michael Jackson because he is the King of Pop! But I wouldn’t mind checking out a U2 show either.

Do you still get a chance to share your faith on stage or are there greater opportunities offstage?

Matt: Of course! We always make sure we have a chance to let people know why we do what we do.

What’s the coolest or most interesting thing that’s happened to you on the road this year?

Matt: On our Cross the Line tour this past spring, we played 13 shows in a row and everyone stayed healthy and no one got into a fight. Now that is amazing!

ST.net: Do you drink Redbull or Monster?

Matt: Redbull

ST.net: If you had a choice would you eat at Denny’s or Cracker Barrell?

Matt: Cracker Barrell – I love biscuits.

ST.net: Are you a cat or a dog person?


ST.net: Today are you blessed or stressed?

Sometimes stressed is a blessing so blessed.

ST.net: Thanks for your time Matt and be safe this fall with the boys of Stellar Kart we’ve heard they’re a little crazy.

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