Yes, Neil Diamond is a Christian!

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June 30, 2008 by: Rodney

After months and months of discussion here on I’ve finally found the answer to the question…Is Neil Diamond a Christian? This past weekend Neil played at the Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, England. This festival is best known for its contemporary music, but also features dance, comedy, theater, circus, and many other events. Over 700 acts played on over 80 stages during the three day festival.

While looking for video of his performance at Glastonbury, I came across this live performance on the BBC where he talks in great detail about his journey with the Lord and goes on to sing a song called “Man Of God”…

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19 Responses to “Yes, Neil Diamond is a Christian!”
  1. That crazy designer, mac guy from the office says:

    “Yes, Neil Diamond is a Christian!” is really a big leap of faith. (excuse the pun)

    True, he attributes his success to God, but his intro is primarily about his “journey” to success not “with the Lord.”

    This song is from a 2005 album and still doesn’t give any clear definites about his religious stance. He know he is a “Man of God” and a “Man of faith”, but still don’t know if that involves Jesus at all.

    It is refreshing to here an artist give value to a walk of faith and the impact of God in their lives, but this still be from Jewish heritage.

  2. Herbie says:

    I saw the BBC show where Neil Diamond talked about the song ‘Man of God’ and his faith. I think you need to take the man at his word. He didn’t need to make any great protestations of faith to win over audiences in the UK – so let’s rejoice at his testimony and count him as a fellow christian.

  3. mummifiedartist says:

    Can’t wait to get to heaven and hear him into eternity!!!!!

  4. Jon says:

    Actually he’s just a good jewish boy. Why can’t christians just accept that

  5. greg says:

    Yes just witnessed his performance on Regis in
    New York.Well this takes BrotherLoves Salvation
    Show to a new level.I felt when he said “I walked
    to the door of your chapel”.I was pretty convinced
    this was real having worked rescue missions for
    nine years.We can never know how the Lord works
    in marvelous ways.And takes people particularly
    in music and entertainment and does amazing work
    in there lives.It’s much crazier in the music industry than most other business I think.
    But the hype and preasures to please a lot of
    folks .Don’t get me wrong I praise the Lord for
    what I have just witnessed .For I am a thankful
    sinner saved by Grace .

  6. Bob says:

    Quote “Actually he’s just a good jewish boy. Why can’t christians just accept that.”

    So was Jesus…

  7. James says:

    The insert from Neil’s 2008 CD, Home Before Dark, features a lengthy commentary by Neil. After reading it, I realized that he does not have that assured hope or outlook of a saved soul. He has always been “religious”, even starring in a movie about his Jewish faith many, many years ago. The Old Testament uses ‘the Lord’ often to refer to Father God, and that is probably the basis of Neil’s use of the term. Having heard him sing “Pretty Amazing Grace”, I had hoped he was indeed saved. However, after reading his CD insert, I felt so saddened by its superficial and hopeless tone, I threw it away…..but kept the CD. Fortunately, God is still working in Neil’s life, as he is with us all.

  8. Tom says:

    Neil has acknowledged God. All of us our on a spiritual jouney, at different places along that path of getting closer to God and Jesus. I thank God that he is on the journey and going the right direction. Where ever you are on that journey, ask God to bring you one step closer to Him.

  9. Miryam Sakeena Nahar says:

    I have just brought and am listening to Neil ‘s Christmas Album. Seeds are clearly sown for Jesus and I am one of many Christians who pray that the seeds will be watered and result in much abundant fruit for the Lord (Yeshua/Jesus). And Neil if you are reading this ever, please would you make some big announcement somewhere so that we can rejoice even more with what the Lord is doing for you and with your music. God Bless you!!

  10. Miryam Sakeena Nahar says:

    Okay. I have now finished listening to the Christmas Album CD. Question: Would a “good Jewish boy” (of the non Christian variety) (not born again) (not just by blood but by faith) ….I’m trying to be politically correct here but I might fill the site in doing so…
    Start again: Question: Would a ” good Jewish boy ” be proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ with such boldness and passion as Neil does on this CD.
    Still, I would like the announcement even though I think I have myself a Christian brother in Neil ( of the Jewish by blood variety- and yes , I would substitute the word Jewish for Christian above, because Jesus is jewish ( of the blood and the faith variety)!
    Okay… I’m going.
    Just one more thing… Hurry up with the announcement please Neil…

  11. Jerry says:

    Well, I know Neil’s guitarist personally (Hadley Hockensmith a born-again Christian himself) who has been playing guitar in various Christian bands for decades ie. Paul Clark, Koinonia, Andrus, Blackwood & Co, Keith Green, Bob Bennett, The Imperials, Amy Grant, the list goes on and on). And he says that he knows from a close personal relationship with Neil, that he has indeed received Jesus as his personal Savior. Hadley knows Neil and works with him on tours all the time, and if Hadley say it’s true, that’s good enough for me. Ultimately, God the Father knows who has accepted the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and I rest secure in that. I think when we get to heaven, we’re going to be surprised both by who’s there, and who’s NOT there…

  12. Lance says:

    Neil is a good Jewish boy, end of story.

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  14. Kathy says:

    Neil Diamond is Jewish and still speaks of his Jewish heritage with great pride at his concerts, including one I saw just last month. He has said in interviews that he believes in God, but holds great disdain for organized religion, and considers himself more of a spiritual person than a religious one. The song “Pretty Amazing Grace,” along with all of the songs from the “Home Before Dark” album were inspired by his journey with his then girlfriend Rae Farley, who suffered a disabling back injury, and who he stood by through numerous surgeries and horrific pain. He has said many times in interviews that she was his muse, and the darkness in the lyrics comes from that experience, so sorry, the album is not about God or being a born again Christian (which he is NOT), but a woman.

  15. George says:

    Maybe some people should realize that while he may speak of God, this has no bearing on whether or not he is a Christian. Jewish people and Christians worship the same God, but the Jewish people deny the fact that Jesus was the messiah.

  16. Reuben Messianic Jew forever says:

    “Neil is a good Jewish boy, end of story.”

    So was Jesus….

    and THAT is not the end of His story.

    deal with it yo’

  17. Terry says:

    One can be of Jewish lineage and still be Christian. All of the apostles were Jewish. In fact, there was no small amount of controversy over whether or not Christ had come for the Gentiles at all. Read the letters of Paul, including Hebrews and Romans.

  18. Joy says:

    Hahaha :D I wonder if Neil ever has a lazy day when he just surfs the web, what would he think if he came across this site and read all the comments. Whether he’s Jewish, Christian or a Jewish Christian, there’s probably bound to be some laughter, eye-rolling and head-shaking.

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