Underoath live in South Africa

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June 26, 2008 by: Rodney

One of the coolest things God shows me everyday through this blog is where people from around the world check in with us to read the latest Christian music news. One of those amazing places is South Africa where in the last month close to 40 people have checked in. Some of the cities represented are Cape Town, Pertoria, Durban, and Port Elizabeth just to name a few. I’m also thankful that God continues to use this blog everyday to bless not only people in South Africa, but China, the United Kingdom, India, Australia and Brazil. If you’re checking in today from one of these cities in South Africa or another country please leave a comment about what God is dong in your life today. I think all of us would be blessed to know more about you. Now, on with the news about Underoath and their upcoming world tour which includes a stop in South Africa.

Underoath will land in South Africa this September and perform with several top South African bands around the country from September 22nd to the 28th.

They’ll perform in three shows in Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal and Cape Town. Before they hit the road for the next year Chris dropped us this e-mail…

Hey guys

just wanted to send out a quick hello to all of you! As i write this, we are getting ready to head out on tour, and i couldn’t be more excited (or nervous…. we haven’t played a show since november… should be interesting!) So to all of you guys who are coming to see us within the next few months, just know that we can’t WAIT to get out there and play again and hang with you guys!

On that note, the first 5 shows that we are playing back playing with POS and Ill Patriot. Ill patriot are a sweet bunch of guys and have an EP came out this week and you can get it on itunes, so i would strongly recommend picking it up!!! Also, on a side note, i have heard 3 of POS’s new songs and i am honestly blown away… you guys need to be on the look out for his new record, it comes out in september. I have so much more to say but i do have to be going… i really hope you guys are doing great and we will be talking with you all soon!!!!


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