Jimmy Needham “Not Without Love” drops Aug. 19th

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June 26, 2008 by: Rodney

I’ve been a BIG fan of Jimmy Needham’s ever since he released “Speak” in 2006. Unfortunately, most of you may have only heard “Lost At Sea” on the radio, but my favorites were “Fence Riders” & “Dearly Loved”. If you’ve never heard Jimmy’s music then just picture a vocal style like Shawn McDonald with a passion for the guitar and music fan like Paul Wright. Now he is ready to release his sophomore release “Not Without Love” on August 19th. The new project was inspired by Needham’s realization that he had shared the gospel with so many people in the flesh but all they knew was the Bible beater. He goes on to say…

I could have just loved on them and what impact would that have had? There is something so appealing when we love like Jesus did. I missed out on that for so long. No more. That’s what Not Without Love is all about.

Filled with bluesy guitar as well as powerful piano ballads, “Not Without Love” covers a range of musical sounds and lyrical topics. Opening track “Come Around” is a rollicking melody that captures the album’s heartbeat: the futility of zeal without love. Closely related is “Forgiven and Loved,” a meandering guitar ballad in which Needham prays for head knowledge to become heart knowledge. The newlywed Needham is also happy to include some bona-fide love songs on the new project, such as a lighthearted, quirky ode to marital bliss, “Firefly,” and the more romantic “Unfailing Love,” which he wrote as a proposal to his wife Kelly. Here’s “Fence Riders” follow the lyrics and see if you’re challenged to change your thoughts like I was after I heard it…

He also recently announced his partnership with Patton House Entertainment, a professional talent management firm based in Nashville, TN. The company provides a full range of artist management services including artist development, touring, product development, endorsements, publicity, sales, distribution, merchandise, long term planning, contract negotiations, and day to day management. Patton House Entertainment is led by Andrew Patton, an industry veteran with over 18 years of proven experience inside the Christian music community.

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