Concert Spotlight: The Almost

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June 20, 2008 by: Robin

I don’t normally go to a lot of shows and if I do, I normally leave early. For some reason I just can’t get too into them even if it is a favorite band of mine. But, Tuesday night was a totally different story.

The Almost, Emery, and Envy on the Coast played in my home town. The venue was PACKED with people. Wall to wall there were people everywhere waiting to see these amazing bands hit the stage. Everyone was sweating like they had just ran 20 miles in the Arizona sun because the venue was so humid and hot.

Envy on the Coast took the stage and this was my first time hearing them or seeing them live. Pretty good show! They had a really good sound and it was different than the typical pop-punk music out there.

Then Emery came onstage and got the crowd pumped up. If anyone has ever seen Emery live, you understand. They have never let me down. There is one part in the beginning of their set where their guitarist Josh Head stops playing and puts everything down and just walks in the middle of the stage and just starts yelling the lyrics into the crowd. Everyone got so into the show and just yelled along with him.

After Emery played, The Almost took the stage and let me tell you, it was an amazing moment. They had this big light sign that said their name right behind them. Once Aaron Gillespie took the stage, people listened and watched his every move. Every single person in the crowd yelled the lyrics to every single song.

When Aaron said….

Yell Louder!

the crowd would yell 10 times louder than they did before.  I’ve never been to a show where everyone was so so into it and so wanting to be a part of the show. It was truly unreal and one of the best shows I will probably ever go to. I was a little nervous about it, since The Almost is semi new, but they defiantly showed that it’s about pure talent not about how many years you have been playing music for.

The best part of the night was getting to spend time with Aaron. He is real down to earth guy. There was even a point in our conversation that I forgot who I was really talking to. Aaron is someone that I have looked up to for about 4 years. It just felt like we were two people that had met for coffee and were chatting about life.

We talked about his horse Copper that he and his wife bought. We also got to talk about the Underoath World Tour that is coming up soon. They are going to places they have never gone before such as South Africa. The tour is going to last a full year. That’s pretty crazy to be on a tour for a year! Another interesting fact I found out is that he doesn’t like dairy produces.  Not a fan of ice-cream (really?), milk grosses him out, but cheese is okay in little amounts.

Anyways, just wanted to give you all a quick update and let you know that if The Almost, Emery, or Envy on the Coast comes through your town, it is defiantly a show to see and I highly recommend going to see them.

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2 Responses to “Concert Spotlight: The Almost”
  1. Patty says:

    Speaking of Concerts…Warped Tour kicked off today in Pomona. Anberlin and Relient K were there. They both played awesome sets considering they only get half an hour

  2. Darlene says:

    I like The Almost a lot. I got the awesome opportunity to see them last year at a rock festival that comes around every december here in West Palm Beach. One of the things that I like about the music is that the message and emotion that comes through. One of my favorite songs on the Southern Weather cd is Dirty and Left Out. They have an amazing show.

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