Tobymac’s video blog from Jamaica

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May 14, 2008 by: Rodney

I just read a report from the Jamaica Gleaner that tobyMac was recently on the island of Jamaica. In this report Toby talked about the seismic shift that is taking place as many Christian rock groups are getting regular air play on mainstream radio. Toby went on to say…

My concert is not an event where you are going to hear an altar call. I am not a minister ­ I definitely am a musician. There is a lot of the entertainer in me. And there is a heart that does love Jesus. If you put a microphone in my hand in front of 5,000 people, I will have a hard time not telling them where my faith lies. So what I am saying is that if at the end of the day, people can leave that concert dialoguing about ‘Who Jesus is,’ ‘What does He mean to you,’ ‘What does he mean to me,’ then I feel I’ve planted the seeds I need to plant in my music,

He is no stranger to Jamaica, Toby has been married for the tast 11 years to Amanda, who is the daughter of Judy and Robert Levy (of Jamaica Broilers fame). They have four children, two of whom are adopted.

Here’s how the trip looked from his video camara…

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